Welcome to Digital Video in the Classroom!

In this four day workshop you'll:
  • uavideo01.jpgCreate stories from everyday events.
  • PITCH your ideas to your team.
  • Use STORYBOARDS to organize your story.
  • Write SCRIPTS to keep actors on track and make your story flow.
  • Use CAMERA ANGLES to help tell your story.
  • Use TRANSITIONS to make the story flow.
  • Use VIDEO SOFTWARE to edit your story (over and over again!).
  • Create three products to use as samples in your classroom.
  • Experience exhilarating highs as you create your masterpiece.
  • Experience frustration as you struggle to bring ideas to life.
  • Laugh, think, write, create, edit, wrinkle your brow, curse (under your breath, of course), laugh some more, cheer on your team, collaborate, think some more.... and enjoy it all!

Use the menu on the side to navigate to projects, topics, etc. Feel free to edit and add your own ideas during and following the workshop.

Please ADD to our video classroom management and Lesson Idea Discussions.