Teach a concept or idea in under a minute
In this project your task is to create a 30-60 second video that explains a concept or idea to your audience. For example, think of how Bill Nye presents science concepts to his audience.

Our finished Videos are on TeacherTube.

Day and Night
The Color Game

Here's something that I'm sure will excite you -- here's a clip on "cellular respiration".

By combining captivating audio & video with a smidgen of humor (just a tad more than a pinch, and a little less than a skosh), the filmmakers create a much more memorable concept presentation than the traditional "stand and deliver" method of teaching.

Here's a great student-produced example of a science vocabulary concept video: The Bernoulli Project

Your task:
  1. Divide into your desired subject area groups (science, math, arts, etc.)
  2. Write individual topic pitches -- spend about 5 min. sketching your initial idea for a concept video. Consider this your 1-man brainstorming session. This is a rough-rough draft -- not storyboarding or scripting -- but be creative! (pg 27 in AFI packet).
  3. Regroup within your subject areas and pitch your idea to the larger subject area group. You are selling your movie idea to the studio bosses, so make it fresh and exciting. And just like in real-life, not all of the pitches will be developed by the studio, so don't get too attached to your ideas.
  4. Break into small groups based on selected pitch development ideas -- groups of 3-5. Basically, group up with a script development idea that piques your interest, and get started.

Task Requirements:
  • Concept Video length -- 30-60 seconds
  • Completed storyboard/script (1 for each group) -- this is merely to guide your shooting schedule -- stay flexible!
  • Each student will be creating their own edited version, using the same source footage
  • Final edit will include:
    • Title page
    • Music
    • Sound effect(s)
    • Some form of narration (voice-over, in camera, other)
    • End credits
      • cite your sources for materials
      • cast & crew
  • Perfection is not an option
  • Enjoy yourself


10:30 - Lunch: Pitch session/Break into groups/Storyboard development/Location scouting/Begin shooting footage
Lunch: Eat
1:00 - 1:30: Windows Movie Maker: adding still photos, narration, transitions/effects
1:30 - 3:00: Shoot/Individually Edit
3:00 - 3:30: Debrief
8:30 - 9:00: Finish up Concept Videos (remember: Perfection is not an option. Enjoy yourself!)
9:00 - 9:30: Concept Video screening