Use these web resources with your students as you create your stories.

Music / Sound / Video Sources

Freeplay Music: TONS of royalty free music in a variety of time lengths. You can't manage without this. **Freeplay Music**
Magnatune: Magnatune provides you with on-demand music licensing of a selective roster of over 200 recording artists in a wide variety of genres and collections. Free mp3 versions for students. Each mp3 will end with spoken text that says "you just heard..." or you can purchase the album and use the music.
Creative Commons: Licensing varies.
The Freesound Project: The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs. This is a great source for background sounds. Requires an account, but the registration is free.
Jamendo: Provides an archive of CC-licensed music that's available for download. Jamendo features tags, user reviews and personalized recommendations, so you can easily find new tunes that suit your tastes. Requires an account, but the registration is free.
Lludjo: Free access to more than 1200 sound effects. The sounds are available in two formats: RealAudio and Mp3, so be sure to use the mp3 file. You first have to click on "enter here", then the search page will load.
Partners In Rhyme: Another collection of free sound effects from a producer of sound effect libraries.
PacDV: Free sounds in mp3 & wav formats. You may use the sound effects on this web site free of charge in your video, film, audio and multimedia productions
Zamzar: Free online file conversion. Converts YouTube clips in workable .mpg or .wmv files. Also converts audio, pictures, and PDF's.
Naturesongs: These pages provide samples of various natural sounds and photos, promote nature recording and archiving, and provide a library of sounds that people can refer to when they hear something new.
Incompetech: Great royalty-free song files, and also a great source for various graph paper templates (completely random, I know, but you never know when you're going to need a blank sheet of graph or grid paper).

Adobe Soundbooth: If you have Adobe Soundbooth you can easily create scores to match your project.
Digital Juice: Digital Juice is the world leader in royalty-free professional animations, stock footage, music, layered graphics, clip art, and templates.

Teaching Ideas / Resources

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling (Edutopia)
The Center for Digital Storytelling
While here, check out this video's great use of hand drawn pictures in with the still images and great storytelling!
Bridges to Understanding
AFI Education Page
This page includes all the videos covering the five steps of production from UnitedStreaming, as well as many online resources you can use with your students.

(The following resource list is from Joe Dockery, Adobe Education Leader.)

Copyright Resources

Bound by Law: This is a cool comic book that explains copyright.
Copyright For Video Producers:
A great resource if you have questions about what you can do.
Copyright in an Electronic Environment: Review this if you are planning on using any copyrighted materials.
Student Press Law Center on Fair Use

Video Online Resources

Classroom Documentaries Using Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Youth Voices Photoshop and Premiere Elements Tutorials
Featuring an integrated writing and multimedia project.
Joe Dockery’s Video Class Web Site

Public Service Announcements

Using Public Service Announcements in the Classroom by Kathy Schrock
There are links to other award-winning PSA's, as well as lesson plans, and a JPEG slideshow of my presentation.
Making a Public Service Announcement by Art Wolinsky
Great five minute presentation with some good tips and links.
Office of National Drug Control Policy: Television Ads
National Insititute on Drub Abuse
The World Bank,,menuPK:34496~pagePK:34374~piPK:34453~theSitePK:4607,00.html


Classroom Documentaries and the Mechanics of Storytelling by Andy Carvin
This PowerPoint presentation is a gold mine.
Oral History

Foreign Language

Video Production in the Foreign Language Classroom: Some Practical Ideas by Sebastian Brooke

Archives The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.
The National Archives

Additional Online Training

Total Training Online: High quality training
Lynda Training Online: Huge library
Atomic Learning Online: Designed for schools, well established company


Youth-Powered Video, “A hands-on Curriculum for Teaching Documentary”