HPIM0198.JPGPhil Biggs
Instructional Technology Specialist
Everett Public Schools

After completing my Bachelors in Elementary Ed at Western Washington University in Bellingham, I began my teaching career at Mary M. Knight School District in Matlock, WA. I have been working with educational technology since 1983, when the school in which I was teaching purchased two Commodore Vic 20 computers. I was hooked and decided to make a career of it! While attending school to become a programmer, I met a great professor at Seattle Pacific University who convinced me that there was a future for technology in education. I completed my Masters in Education from the University of Oregon in 1988. I have worked for four school districts as a technology coordinator/specialist/director since 1984 and spent one year working for Computer Information Concepts in Greeley, Colorado as a consultant. It has been a marvelous adventure. I often stand in awe at how far we've come so quickly!

Cynthia Gaub
Art & Technology Instructor
North Middle School, Everett, WA

An army brat that loves technology and art, I love learning and experiencing new things. I graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1989 with a BA focusing on film/video, performance, fashion design and fine arts. Returning to school after years of managing retail and fine arts galleries, I earned a Master in Teaching from City University. With an online presence since 1998, I am fluent in many web design programs, all self-taught. Since then I continue to learn the technology I need to know, to do the things I want to do. Most of all, I love sharing my knowledge with students of all ages.

IMG_2767-1.jpgJustin Haney
Teacher / Librarian
Jefferson Elementary School, Everett, WA

Born and raised in the booming metropolis of Oroville, WA. Funny, I started off on a VIC20, too, in about 1982 then quickly progressed to a Commodore 64 with an actual disc drive instead of storing programs on special cassette tapes. Been playing around with computers and technology ever since. B.A. in Fine & Applied Arts from Seattle Pacific University in 1998, then back to University of WA for my Library Media Specialist Endorsement in 2001. I've been in the library since then, with the last 4 years at Jefferson Elementary.in Everett, WA. I work with a wonderful staff, with greatly varying degrees of technology comfort.